How To Solder Capacitors On A Motherboard: A Quick Guide

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Nearly every electronic device uses a motherboard. Motherboards are inside computers, tablets, cellphones, digital cameras, and all kinds of other electronics. Capacitors are small pieces soldered onto motherboards that prevent electricity from spiking and frying other components. Sometimes, these capacitors need to be replaced.  What steps are needed to solder a capacitor to a motherboard? … Continue Reading

How to Maintain a Soldering Iron Tip

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Soldering involves heating metal at a high temperature and requires precision at every turn, meaning proper maintenance is a must. Most importantly is the maintenance of the soldering iron tip, a crucial step in retaining optimal performance, cleanliness, and safety. Soldering iron tips wear out over time due to the construction of the tool. To … Continue Reading

What Is Tinning? And Why Is It Important?

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Tin is an excellent source of material used for coating joints and materials used in joints that have soldering. The process called tinning makes many things possible that you may have never thought of. Although tin is an underrated mineral globally, it provides some profound benefits and importance for electronics, metal protection, and strengthening.  The … Continue Reading