9 Safety Tips When MIG Welding

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MIG, or metal inert gas welding, is a welding process where a solid wire electrode is supplied to the welding gun and pool to join materials. While it is different from other types of welding, MIG welders should still follow the proper safety precautions to reduce the risk of harm. MIG welders should take extreme … Read more

Can Flux Core Welding Make You Sick?

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The introduction of low-cost flux core welding equipment makes home and hobby welding attractive and affordable.  The convenience and ease of use of these machines open the world of metal welding to a vast new user community.  The opportunities for home metalworking enthusiasts are exciting. However, there are other considerations, including the question, can flux … Read more

This is Why Welders Drink Milk

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Have you heard that welders insist on drinking milk? Do you wonder why? We will explore the reason welders drink milk and if it is scientifically based, or a myth. Welders drink milk to filter out carcinogenic fumes inhaled while welding. It is believed the calcium in milk fills in the spaces toxic metals may … Read more

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