8 Tips for Welding on Painted Materials

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For a strong and good-looking weld, it’s necessary to keep the weld surface free from any impurities to prevent contaminating your weld. Unfortunately, paint is one of those impurities that can affect your weld quality. Welding on painted materials also puts your health at risk. Whether you’re working on a new metal piece or a … Continue Reading

Can Flux Core Welding Make You Sick?

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The introduction of low-cost flux core welding equipment makes home and hobby welding attractive and affordable.  The convenience and ease of use of these machines open the world of metal welding to a vast new user community.  The opportunities for home metalworking enthusiasts are exciting. However, there are other considerations, including the question, can flux … Continue Reading

Can You Get Lead Poisoning from Soldering? Here’s the Truth!

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Soldering is the process of permanently bonding two pieces of metal together by melting solder, which is a metal alloy that typically has a high lead content. This leads many to wonder, “Can you get lead poisoning from soldering?” People can get lead poisoning from soldering if the solder used contains lead. Dust and fumes … Continue Reading

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