8 Tips for Welding on Painted Materials

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For a strong and good-looking weld, it’s necessary to keep the weld surface free from any impurities to prevent contaminating your weld. Unfortunately, paint is one of those impurities that can affect your weld quality. Welding on painted materials also puts your health at risk. Whether you’re working on a new metal piece or a … Continue Reading

How to Weld Without Gas – 6 Things to Consider

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For anyone that has recently started welding, it’ll become apparent pretty quickly that there is more than one way to weld. In fact, there are several different types of welding, including MIG, stick, TIG, brazing, and soldering. Furthermore, among those different types of welding, there are also different versions, such as gasless MIG welding. Each … Continue Reading

How to Save Argon Shielding Gas

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Current inflation does not spare shielding gases. So if the cost for welding materials becomes a topic in your welding shop, I compiled an overview about options you can explore to save shielding gas. Checklist for Shielding Gas savings: The following article will dive into a couple more details on this checklist and options. Why … Continue Reading

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