5 Tips to Get Really Good at TIG Welding

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TIG welding is the most versatile method for fusing metals available today. This makes it a great option for all kinds of fabrication and repair projects. This also makes it a valuable skill for professional welders and hobbyists alike. Because TIG welding is so versatile, there’s always more you can learn about it. The more … Read more

How to TIG Weld an Aluminum Lap Joint

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If you’re learning how to TIG weld, then you’ll need to know some information about welding aluminum before learning how to weld an aluminum lap joint. Since aluminum requires different types of approaches compared to other metals when welding, you’ll need to become educated about how to handle aluminum while welding. How do you TIG … Read more

How to Clean and Prepare Metal for TIG Welding

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TIG welding is the preferred process for getting attractive beads that have a smooth, consistent texture. The biggest drawback to TIG welding is that there is no flux or cleaning agent involved. That means that the metal you are TIG welding must be spotless before you can start welding it. Unlike other processes, you must … Read more

Best TIG Welding Machines on the Market

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Whether you are a professional welder or a backyard hobbyist, if you know how to lay a bead, then the odds are good that you either know how to TIG weld or you’ve given some serious thought to learning. TIG is arguably the most versatile welding technology available, and most welders would agree that it … Read more

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