7 Tips for How to MIG Weld Aluminium

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Countless questions have reached me about Aluminium welding. I compiled 11 Tips for TIG welding Aluminium in a previous article. However, getting an extra machine or learning an additional process might not be the right option. Therefore here is my dedicated article for MIG welding Aluminium. Aluminium can be welded with GTMAW/MIG Welding using an … Read more

10 MIG Welders for Aluminum

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Finding a MIG welder that is appropriate for use with aluminum can be a bit of a chore, as there is undoubtedly a need to pay close attention to the specifications and capabilities of the machine.  Here you will find a list of MIG welders that can be used for work with aluminum. The welders … Read more

How to TIG Weld an Aluminum Lap Joint

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If you’re learning how to TIG weld, then you’ll need to know some information about welding aluminum before learning how to weld an aluminum lap joint. Since aluminum requires different types of approaches compared to other metals when welding, you’ll need to become educated about how to handle aluminum while welding. How do you TIG … Read more

Can You TIG Weld Aluminum Upside Down?

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TIG welding is a versatile form of metalworking and can be applied to a wide array of different metal types, including exotic metals, but it is most well-known for being suited to welding metals of thinner thicknesses, such as aluminum sheet metal. TIG welders allow metalworkers to weld in a variety of positions.  But can … Read more