Laser Welding vs. TIG Welding: What is the Difference?

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Laser welding and TIG welding are two different methods used to join two materials–often metals–together. While both welding strategies are effective, they each offer their own share of advantages and disadvantages.  What is the difference between laser welding and TIG welding? The following are some of the key differences between laser welding and TIG welding:  … Read more

Are Eastwood TIG Welders Any Good?

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Eastwood is well-known as a popular welding brand, with several TIG welders. From a price point, they can be much less than TIG welders from other brands. Eastwood’s reputation and the price of their TIG welders may leave you with one question, though. Are Eastwood TIG welders any good? While some may disagree, the majority … Read more