34 Tips to Weld with Ceramic Backing

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Using mineral mixes made of sealed, high temperature resistant ceramic backing has changed how many welders are welding their seams.  Maybe you are not sure how ceramic welding tape works when fused, or you need some help understanding how to use it properly.If so, read on for tips on how to use ceramic backing on … Read more

10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Welder

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Welding is a growing field with many opportunities for anyone with the proper training and technical skills. If you like working with your hands and are seeking to either start or change your career direction, there are many reasons why becoming a welder is a worthwhile opportunity.  Becoming a welder doesn’t require a large amount … Read more

Is Welding a Good Career? 6 Reasons You Should NOT Become a Welder

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College tuition prices continue to trend upward, and many young people are considering alternatives to the traditional college route. As trade schools become a more popular option, many people are thinking about going into welding–but welding isn’t for everyone. There are some very good reasons not to become a welder. While welding may seem like … Read more

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