10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Welder

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Welding is a growing field with many opportunities for anyone with the proper training and technical skills. If you like working with your hands and are seeking to either start or change your career direction, there are many reasons why becoming a welder is a worthwhile opportunity.  Becoming a welder doesn’t require a large amount … Continue Reading

Is Welding a Good Career? 6 Reasons You Should NOT Become a Welder

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College tuition prices continue to trend upward, and many young people are considering alternatives to the traditional college route. As trade schools become a more popular option, many people are thinking about going into welding–but welding isn’t for everyone. There are some very good reasons not to become a welder. While welding may seem like … Continue Reading

What is Hammer Welding? A Welding Engineer Explains

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A question that reached me recently sparked my curiosity, as I was not familiar with the term “Hammer Welding”. Furthermore, there are two interpretations running around, which both describe different processes. This post hopefully clears up the terminology and origin of “hammer welding”. Next time there is an argument in your body shop, you can … Continue Reading

How to Set Your MIG Welding Helmet Shading

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Comfortably protecting yourself should come first in any industry. This is especially true within the business of welding, where your eyes can be exposed to different types of harmful contaminants. Welding helmets protect against this by ensuring flexible eye protection through shade adjustment.  Setting your MIG Welding Helmet Shading depends on the style of helmet … Continue Reading

Gasless MIG Welders: Are They Any Good? We Find Out

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MIG welding is one of the most popular welding methods that exist. Considered one of the easiest welding methods to learn, there are two types of MIG welding: gas and gasless. There are many similarities between the two, along with specific advantages and disadvantages to each. Gasless MIG welders (aka self-shielding flux core) are capable … Continue Reading