Are Everlast TIG Welders Any Good? We Tried Them Out

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Welders are typically only as good as the welding devices they use. While welding devices tend to be very reliable machines when working in the construction industry, the better the brand of your welder, the better your performance as a welder will be. Everlast TIG welders offer some of the best welding devices on the market because their welders are known for their durability, quality, and efficiency.

Are Everlast TIG welders any good? Everlast welders are affordable devices that offer plenty of functionality. Some of their products are budget-friendly, while others are high-end. Everlast is an excellent choice when purchasing a TIG welder because of Everlast’s reputation for durability, ability to work with both A.C. and D.C. power sources, warranty, and a money-back guarantee, and many successful years in business. 

Since there isn’t a lot of information available on the Internet today covering the performance of Everlast’s TIG welders, we created this article to help you out and save you some time. Below we’ll discuss why Everlast TIG welders are good by discussing factors you’ll want to consider before purchasing a TIG welder, how to maintain an Everlast welder, and the top four Everlast welders you’ll find on the market today.

Benefits of an Everlast Welder

So, why should you consider purchasing an Everlast welder? One great thing about the Everlast brand of welders is their availability. You can find Everlast welders in several different types of stores, including your local hardware store, and even some retail chains. Also, Everlast welders are growing in popularity because they are so affordable, and offer more capabilities than other U.S.-manufactured welders typically provide

Affordable Welders

Everlast does have a reputation for creating affordable welders that are easy to use. That means many people involved with welding like to start with Everlast welders or use them when they are trying to learn something new. Everlast welders are very simple to use when you are trying to improve your welding skills. Also, since Everlast welders tend to offer affordable options, you won’t have to break your budget to purchase one. 

Unique Capabilities

Another reason why Everlast welders are so popular has to do with their capabilities. Everlast welders are the only type of U.S. manufactured welder that offers just about everything a welder could ever need in its design. So, while the brand offers affordable welders, there are also some top-rated models in its line. So, you can wind up with a high-end welding machine if you decide to go with the Everlast brand. 


Another advantage of owning an Everlast welder is the durability offered by these products. If you look at a review of just about any kind of Everlast welder, whether it’s TIG, MIG, Stick, or whatever, you’ll wind up seeing durability listed as one of the pros of owning that particular Everlast welder. 

All of Everlast’s welders are built to last, which also means you’ll be getting a lot of use out of the product for the amount you are investing. Also included in the Everlast brand are many high-end and heavy-duty welding models, so you should be able to match your needs quite easily by using this brand. 


Plus, you’ll also get a lot of versatility if you opt for an Everlast welder. With an Everlast welder, you can use either an A.C. or D.C. power source depending on what you need. Since Everlast welders offer so much power source flexibility, you’ll be able to get dual voltage models if you see the need to purchase this type of welder. 

Upscale Model Options

Another attractive feature offered by Everlast welders is the fact that the manufacturer also sells plenty of upscale and high-end welding machines. So, the Everlast brand sells just about every type of welding machine imaginable, and you’ll only be limited to what you buy based on your budget.


Plus, Everlast is well-known for being an honest, reputable manufacturer of reliable, high-quality welding machines. Because of that, they provide an excellent warranty with their welding devices, a money-back guarantee, an easy return policy, same-day shipping, and an easy-to-follow instruction guide. Because Everlast offers all of these benefits, many welders trust in this brand’s products.

Everlast has managed to create such a loyal following and excellent reputation because they’ve been in business since 2004. Back then, Everlast opened its doors as an only-online manufacturer of welding tools. Today, Everlast also makes branded parts and participates in offshore manufacturing. As a result, the company has brought down its overhead when creating green welding models, so many of Everlast’s green welding models are incredibly affordable.

If you are planning on purchasing a welder anytime soon, then you know you are likely to pay quite a bit to own this device. Because of this, we recommend reading through several Everlast welder reviews so that you can pick the best one for your budget. We’ll cover four of the best Everlast welders available on the market a bit later in this article. For now, we’ll move onto discussing factors you’ll want to consider before you purchase an Everlast welder.

Factors to Consider About Your Everlast TIG Welder

Before you purchase an Everlast TIG welder, you’ll need to make sure you do enough research to understand what you need in a welder. Since people’s needs can vary widely depending on the welding projects they do and the type of welding styles they have, you’ll have to assess a few things about your own needs before you purchase an Everlast welder. To help you determine what your needs are, we’ll ask you about a few things you’ll need to think about below.

Unfortunately, there is no single, one-size-fits-all welder that works perfectly for everybody. Your neighbor might own a welding machine that he loves and brags endlessly about, but you might hate that same welding machine when you try to use it. That’s because the welding machine that’s best for one person might not also be the best thing for the next person.

So, that means you’re going to need to figure out the set of requirements you’ll need before you buy your welder. The qualifications you’ll need to consider before you purchase a welder include project type, purpose, the type of metal you are using, the project’s budget, the level of power efficiency, voltage, and support.

When you take the time to assess what you’ll need for each specific requirement individually, then you’ll wind up figuring out what the best Everlast welding machine will be for you. Since welding machines are substantial investments and you’ll be using your device for a long time, you’ll need to keep in mind that you’ll wind up getting what you pay for when it comes to purchasing a welding machine.

If you are new to welding, the process of individually assessing each type of requirement can feel a bit daunting. However, you should spend time figuring out the kind of Everlast TIG welder that’s best for you since you’ll be spending a lot of money, and also using the welder for a long time. You can avoid a lot of stress and worry later on if you take the time today to figure out precisely what you need.

Now we’ll break down how you can individually assess each one of these specific requirements below so that you can put some thought and effort into picking out the Everlast TIG welder that’s right for you.

What Types of Metal Will You Weld?

First, you’ll need to think about the types of metal you’ll be welding before you purchase your Everlast TIG welder. Different welding tasks utilize various kinds of metals. So, you’ll need to know what type of metal you’ll be using most often to help you make your decision. By understanding the types of metals you’ll most likely be welding with, you’ll be able to use the correct welding metal more easily. We’ve listed below the different types of metals you can use, and the welding processes most often used on those metals below:

  • Cast iron: Stick welding
  • Exotic Metals (Example: Titanium, Magnesium, etc.): TIG welding only.
  • Copper, Brass, and Chromoly: TIG welding only
  • Steel or Stainless-Steel: MIG, TIG, or Stick welding
  • Aluminum Alloys: MIG or TIG Welding

After taking a look at the list above, you can see why many people decide to go with an Everlast TIG welding machine. With an Everlast TIG welding machine, you can weld just about any type of metal except for cast iron. So, if you know you won’t be welding with cast iron often, you should be able to get most of your other welding projects done quickly with an Everlast TIG welder.

However, when it comes to TIG welding, the thickness of the metal also comes into play. TIG welding is typically used for thinner pieces of metal since no filler is required. That means TIG welding usually produces a cleaner, smoother look when compared to MIG welding. So again, if you also don’t tend to welt together many think pieces of metals, you should be just fine with a TIG welding machine.

How Thick is the Material You Are Using? 

Once you figure out the types of welding projects and the materials you’ll be using most of the time, you can figure out the thickness of the content you be welding. Think about the projects you’ll be completing. Perhaps you’ll be making metal sculptures, repairing a tool, or fixing a component in your car. Depending on the types of welding projects you plan to do, you’ll need to know the thickness in inches of the material you are going to be welding. 

What Welding Process Will You Be Using? 

You’ll also need to figure out the type of welding work you’ll be doing most often so you can figure out the welding process you are most likely to use. Many newbies to welding want to know right away which welding process is the one for them to use. However, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question. Most people realize they need Stick, MIG, and TIG welding if they own a professional welding shop.

However, that’s another great thing about going with an Everlast welding machine. Everlast offers its MIG/TIG/Stick (MTS) collection of welders that can render all three welding methods using the latest and greatest in inverter technology. If you opt for this kind of Everlast model, you’ll get a TIG food pedal, MIG spool gun, and a lot more amperage.

Where Is Your Workplace?

For some reason, many welders often overlook this factor when considering the type of Everlast TIG welding machine they might need. However, you do need to think about your workplace’s environment since that can dictate the type of welding machine you’ll need, too. If you tend to work outside in windy weather, you won’t want to get a MIG welder. Instead, a TIG welder would be your better choice when dealing with this type of workplace situation.

What Power Source Will You Use?

Another factor you’ll need to consider when figuring out what type of Everlast TIG welder to purchase is the type of power source you’ll be using. So, you’ll need to figure out if you’ll be running your welder on a 110v outlet, or if you need dual voltage support because you’ll likely be working with both A.C. and D.C. power. Depending on what you need, you’ll need to get a welding machine that works with the socket you plan to use. Luckily, with an Everlast TIG welder, you’ll get a reliable welder no matter what type of power source you decide to use. 

How Much Portability Do You Need?

You’ll also need to think about how much portability you’ll need once you get your welder. Before we saw significant developments in inverter technology as we have nowadays, we used to see some very heavy welders that were difficult to move from one workplace to another.

TIG welders tend to be the heaviest of all the welders, using weighing in at well over 100 lbs. Stick welders come in second with a minimum of at least 100lbs, and smaller MIG welders weigh about 70 lbs. So, if you need something very portable, you might want to opt for an inverter-based Everlast TIG welder machine model instead.

What Size Do You Need?

You’ll also need to figure out the size of the welding machine you’ll be using. Most welding machines come in many different sizes since shops usually have varying amounts of room for their welding machines. To help you figure out the size of welder you’ll need, you’ll need to know the type of welder you plan on becoming. Are you welding so that you can DIY a few things around the house, or are you learning how to weld so that you can become a professional?

If you are a person that wants to learn how to weld so that you can complete a few DIY projects around the house, getting a small size welding machine would work best. If you’re a professional, we recommend either getting a standard size, since a standard size is likely to easily fit into the space you’ve set aside at your shop or measure the space you have and purchase a welding machine accordingly.

What Welding Output and Duty Cycle Do You Need?

Before you purchase the Everlast TIG welding machine that’s right for you, you’ll need to figure out the welding output and duty cycle that you’ll need from your welder, too. When keeping track of a welder’s production, we measure things like volts, duty, and amps. On the other hand, the duty cycle means how long the machine runs at a particular output without an increase in the temperature of the machine’s parts. 

A duty cycle is usually measured on a scale that uses 10-minute periods. For example, while welding, you might wind up with a 20% duty cycle with the MIG at 23v or 180 amps. Now let’s translate what that means. While you are operating at this output level, you’ll get welding for two minutes, and then you’ll need to cool for eight minutes. 

When you are using a lower welding output level, you’ll realize the duty cycle operates more vice-versa. Also, keep in mind that the duty cycle will be measured at a specific ambient temperature. Some manufacturers use the typical industry standard on their machines, which is 104 degrees F. However, others use a measurement of 86 degrees F instead. 

Now that we’ve covered the factors you’ll need to consider before you purchase a TIG welder, we’ll give you an overview of the best Everlast TIG welders that are available on the market today. 


Top 4 Everlast Welders Reviewed

The Everlast TIG welder that’s right for you will be the one that makes it simple for you to complete your projects while experiencing few limitations. So, that means the most popular welder, or the most expensive welder available, may not be the best choice for you, depending on the welding situations you typically find yourself experiencing. 

To help give you an idea about the top Everlast TIG Welders on the market today, we’ve reviewed the top Everlast TIG Welders you’ll find on the market today. Below we are our top choices. 

#1 Everlast Power TIG 200DV 200-Amp Pulse AC/DC Welder

For its price, this is a pretty impressive welder that brings you several features. If you are shopping on a budget, this welder might be an excellent option for you, because you’ll get a lot of great features at an affordable price. We like the color-coded controls on this machine, which also offers plenty of arc control. Seriously, there are so many features on this welding machine that are so simple to use that they will make the entire welding process much easier and faster for you. 

The TIG 200DV is Everlast’s latest model to come out from their collection of analog invert TIG welders. So, that means with this product; you’ll be getting top-of-the-line technology. You’ll also get dual voltage and digital inverter technology, making this one versatile welding machine. You can create a great arc with this machine even while you are on the go. Plus, the torch and cable you get with this machine are both reliable and durable


  • Portable
  • Lots of features
  • The large torch comes with a protective cover
  • Excellent DC and A.C. arc control
  • Easy to use


  • No memory

#2 Everlast Power MTS 251SI Pulse 250-Amp Multi-Process Welder

Another excellent choice in Everlast welders, with this product, you’ll get a digitally controlled welder that’s also spool-gun ready. With that type of versatility, you’ll be able to perform MIG, TIG, and Stick at D.C. as well as Pulse MIG and Pulse TIG welding. Other manufacturers do not provide this same mix of pulses, which is one thing that makes this welding machine so unique.

This machine has another innovative feature because you can pick from a lift start or a high-frequency start that is also touchless, which comes in the TIG option. You’ll also discover that the Stick welding mode on this machine is very adjustable, so you can easily modify this machine’s hot start controls as you see fit.

With this machine, you’ll get a Stick torch, and MIG torch, a regulator, cables, and a TIG welding collection that features a torch, foot pedal, and the consumables that you’ll need. Also, this is a very user-friendly machine because it’s effortless to figure out how to use the menus and controls. There’s nothing overly complicated or hidden about the controls on this machine. You’ll be able to get the hang of using this machine relatively quickly.


  • Smaller, more compact machine
  • Very versatile machine
  • Very user-friendly
  • Durable torches
  • Features 9 programs that will help you save energy
  • Excellent warranty


  • Does not feature consumables for MIG

#3 2017 Everlast SuperUltra 206SI 200A TIG Stick 50A Plasma Cutter Multi-Process Welder

If you’re getting into welding primarily to do light repairs around the house, or to focus mainly on repairs in your welding business, then this might be the welder for you. You’ll get plenty of use out of this multi-process welder, which can handle a lot of steel and stainless steel repairs. You can also use this machine to cut plasma and complete standard welding tasks in your garage at home.

The Everlast SuperUltra is a very reliable, robust machine that works well for three different kinds of processes. You’ll get 200 amps of TIG when you need it, 160 amps of Stick when you want it, and 50 amps of plasma power all at your fingertips.

You’ll also get a machine that’s built with a fantastic inverter so that you’ll get accuracy and an excellent welding machine, even if you are shopping on a budget. Because this welding machine comes with a novel control system that also works digitally, it’s a very reliable machine compared to some of the competition’s models.

So, if you’re looking for a great machine that can both weld and cut, so you only have to purchase one device, this might be the product for you.


  • Portable machine
  • Easy-to-use features
  • Fast torch changes
  • Works well for light jobs
  • Great safety features


  • The warranty for this product is only for one year.

#4 Everlast Powerarc 160STH HF TIG Stick IGBT Welder

If you are learning DC TIG welding and you plan to continue doing it on steel and aluminum, then consider purchasing this product if you need a portable welding machine. You’ll still need to have some experience welding to operate this machine, however, so this product isn’t for somebody new to welding. 

This welding machine is an excellent product for those of you who need something for everyday fixes and repairs. This machine comes with regulatory settings to give you more diversity when you complete your TIG and Stick welding projects. Also, those settings help cut back on flaws and potential errors while you work. 

On this machine, you’ll find a dial that allows for varying levels of power control. That’s different from most welding machines that offer a few prearranged settings to regulate power. However, on this machine, you can fine-tune the power level you need so you get the precise arc that you’ll need. That helps improve the quality of your welds overall. Plus, you’ll also get IGBT inverter technology with this machine, which helps to create a stable arc. 


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to make accurate cuts
  • Energy efficient
  • Reliable arc


  • The stinger and hose on this machine could be more durable. 

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of an Everlast TIG welder, the factors you’ll want to consider before purchasing an Everlast TIG Welder, and the top four best Everlast TIG Welder Machines that are available on the market today, you should be able to factor in your requirements in a welding machine so that you can purchase the right type of Everlast TIG Welder machine for your needs.

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