How to MIG Weld Upside Down

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You go to work on MIG welding two pieces of metal together. It’s no different than any other day, except for one thing: you have to weld upside down. This isn’t as crazy a situation as you might think: several jobs such as car repair or making metal art may require you to MIG weld … Continue Reading

4 Reasons Why Your MIG Welder Is Sputtering

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Welding can be an intricate and complicated process, but if you find that your MIG welder is sputtering, it will undoubtedly make this process more difficult than necessary. Fortunately, there are many common reasons why your MIG welder might be sputtering, and they are all simple fixes.  The top four reasons your MIG welder might … Continue Reading

Rules on MIG Welding Direction

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There are two directions an individual can move when MIG welding: in the direction of weld travel or against it. This is known as forehand welding and backhand welding, respectively. Both are essential to creating quality and long-lasting joints for a variety of metal types and thicknesses. Both forehand and backhand welding are founded on … Continue Reading