MIG Welding vs. MAG Welding: The Differences

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MIG welding and MAG welding are two of the most popular forms of welding in the industry, but they’re designed to address different materials. Even though they sound similar, these two welding techniques are not interchangeable.  MIG welding and MAG welding differ in the gases used to shield them. MIG welding uses inert gases and … Read more

9 Safety Tips When MIG Welding

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MIG, or metal inert gas welding, is a welding process where a solid wire electrode is supplied to the welding gun and pool to join materials. While it is different from other types of welding, MIG welders should still follow the proper safety precautions to reduce the risk of harm. MIG welders should take extreme … Read more

MIG Welding and Arc Welding: A Comparison

Welding is the process of joining together materials through the use of heat.  Welding is a fabrication process that is used prominently in manufacturing and construction industries, as well as for automotive, aerospace, and railroad building. There are four types of welding, but the two main types are arc and MIG welding. Type Shielding gas … Read more

Push or Pull: Which Is Correct for MIG Welding?

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After exploring how to MIG weld, part of the challenge is that there were two different methods for accomplishing the same task. You can implement either push or pull procedures in MIG welding, and deciphering which one is correct piques curiosity. After attempting both, it is clear that it takes a while to figure out … Read more

10 Reasons Why MIG Welding is Used

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If you’re new to welding, you may have heard of the different types and wondered why MIG welding is used so often. You may have discovered that it’s one of the most popular welding techniques. But why? What makes MIG welding so popular? What is MIG welding in the first place? And what sets it … Read more

How to MIG Weld with Argon

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Argon is one of the most commonly used shielding gases in MIG welding. Argon is most commonly used in combination with oxygen and carbon dioxide, although pure argon is used for non-ferrous metals. Setting your MIG welder up for argon requires you to be fitted with the appropriate contact tip, ventilation equipment, and gauges. Be … Read more