How to Solder 3 Wires Together: A Few Things to Know

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Soldering is the mainstay of any electrical and electronic project. The simple welding technique binds metals together to form electrically conductive joints in a way where you can easily detach them later if necessary. You can solder any metal objects together, even wires to other wires. The process for soldering 3 wires together is the … Continue Reading

Can You Sandpaper a Soldering Iron Tip? Here’s What I Think

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When soldering, good soldering iron tips are essential for a successful experience. While selecting the right tips is part of the battle, maintaining those tips is just as important. Using sandpaper to keep your soldering iron tips is a hotly contested subject. Some are adamantly opposed, and others encourage its use. Sandpaper can be a … Continue Reading

How Strong Is Silver Solder Really?

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When joining metals, the three methods available are welding, brazing, and soldering. Welding offers joints the most potential tensile strength, while soldering tends to offer joints with the weakest tensile strength. That is unless you are using silver solder, which is closer in technique to brazing and is said to provide tensile strength comparable to … Continue Reading

Can Solder Go Bad?

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After finding some old solder lying around, you may be wondering if it is still good to use. Can solder go bad? Knowing the answer to this question can be the difference between a quality soldering joint and a faulty one.  Solder can go bad, but a specific solder’s shelf life depends on several factors:  … Continue Reading

What is a Good Desoldering Braid Substitute? Here is the Answer

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Salvaging electronic parts from old circuit boards is a time-tested means of saving money and recycling old electronics into new projects.  Removing old electronic parts requires removing the solder connecting the parts to the circuit board.  If you are out of desoldering braid, what is a good desoldering braid substitute? You can make functional substitutes … Continue Reading

What Should The Temperature Of A Soldering Iron Be?

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Soldering is a complicated process. It joins together many different materials, which means soldering irons useful for many professions as well as crafty individuals. High temperature is the key component in fusing metal, glass, and wires and creating a bond that is long-lasting and strong. The best temperature range for a soldering iron is anywhere … Continue Reading