Understanding AC and DC for MIG Welding

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Welding is a useful trade to learn. It can be turned into a fruitful career or used for at-home repairs and hobby creations. One specific type of welding is called MIG welding. MIG welding is a very common style of welding, but it requires specific elements and tools. It is important to understand these before … Read more

How Hard is it to Learn MIG Welding?

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Welding, or the process of using heat to melt and join two similar pieces of metal, is a useful way to fabricate metals or make repairs. While there are many different welding methods, only a handful are widely used. One of the most popular methods of welding, especially for beginners, is MIG welding. One of … Read more

How to Set Your MIG Welding Helmet Shading

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Comfortably protecting yourself should come first in any industry. This is especially true within the business of welding, where your eyes can be exposed to different types of harmful contaminants. Welding helmets protect against this by ensuring flexible eye protection through shade adjustment.  Setting your MIG Welding Helmet Shading depends on the style of helmet … Read more

Gasless MIG Welders: Are They Any Good? We Find Out

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MIG welding is one of the most popular welding methods that exist. Considered one of the easiest welding methods to learn, there are two types of MIG welding: gas and gasless. There are many similarities between the two, along with specific advantages and disadvantages to each. Gasless MIG welders (aka self-shielding flux core) are capable … Read more