Can you TIG Weld Over a MIG Weld?

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Not so long ago, we had the case where an old welded, mild steel support structure showed some quite ugly weld beads. As we are a mainly TIG process factory, the question was: Can we TIG weld over MIG welds? Generally speaking, yes. TIG welding makes it possible to melt a weld without adding filler … Read more

Is TIG welding AC or DC?

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When you start TIG welding, the first major setting you have to set up is the current. Using AC or DC has a hugh impact on your weld results. In this article I will give you a best practice guideline that should help you make the right choice for your welding tasks in the future.  … Read more

Why does my TIG electrode melt?

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Especially if you are new to TIG welding, you might have encountered the “balling up” of your TIG electrode. A TIG electrode normally lasts a while before it needs to be sharpend or replaced, so if you experience melting on your electrode, this article might help you to shed some light on the issue.  TIG … Read more