Are Eastwood TIG Welders Any Good?

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Eastwood is well-known as a popular welding brand, with several TIG welders. From a price point, they can be much less than TIG welders from other brands. Eastwood’s reputation and the price of their TIG welders may leave you with one question, though. Are Eastwood TIG welders any good? While some may disagree, the majority … Read more

Inverter Welder vs. Oil-Cooled Welder: What Is Better?

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Among welders, there is a lot of argument over whether inverter welders or oil-cooled welders (also known as transformer welders) offer the better option for performing a welding operation. Everybody has a favorite, and both are good options that offer their own set of benefits and drawbacks.  So out of inverter welders and oil-cooled welders, … Read more